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Danish frigate, 1943/45



I began building the scale model of NIESL EBBESEN in April 2020 using a construction plan from the Royal Danish Navy’s Ship Yard and an original English plan of the River-class frigate SPEY (1941), both made available by courtesy of the Royal Danish Naval Museum's Guild of Model Makers (of which I am a member).

The model will be built in the scale 1:60 and thus 153 cm long, 18,6 cm wide and about 40 cm tall.

The armament, deck equipment and radar/antenna systems changed considerably in the 20 years the frigate served under Danish flag. At some point I will have to decide what period I want to aim at. Maybe close to my own time on NIELS EBBESEN, the beginning of 1962.

I have found useful details concerning the construction and equipment in Brian Lavery’s book: River-class Frigates and the Battle of the Atlantic (National Maritime Museum). As I have no personal photos from when I served onboard, the many pictures posted by old crew members on NIELS EBBESEN on the home page : are of great help. Also, due to the large number of ships of the class built, there is an abundance of information to be found on the internet, although not all is relevant to the configuration of the Danish River-class frigates.

To the extent possible I will produce everything myself and ready-made parts will probably be limited to propellers, sceptres, anchor chains and flags.

I will make extensive use of the experiences gained by constructing my first “modern” warship, the Danish corvette FLORA, e.g. using various combinations of wood (plywood, pine and balsa), styrene, plexiglass and brass. Plywood will be used for keel and frames while I am still debating what to use for the planking, wood strips or styrene?

For the armament and deck fittings, a combination of wood, styrene and brass will be used as appropriate. It worked well on my model of FLORA.

Small and detailed parts might be photoetched and some with casts of polyurethane using silicon rubber moulds.

For the paint jobs I will use enamel paint. For some reason I don’t have confidence in water-based paint, which is probably not reasonable. The Royal Danish Naval Museum's Guild of Model Makers will be asked to help with the correct colours.

As the photo galleries show different stages in the construction processes, they are often self-explanatory with regard work methods and materials used.







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