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Danish frigate, 1943/45


The hull of the River-Class frigates was bult according to the following specifications:

“The form and dimensions have been governed by the speed requirement of 20 knots under ocean conditions. To obtain satisfactory immersion of the screws under such conditions, a normal trim of 4ft has been arranged; to provide good turning power, this involves a relatively large rudder associated with deadwood cut away aft. The long forecastle with considerable flare and sheer forward should ensure good behaviour in heavy weather”

          The ship’s hull and decks consisted of partly riveted and partly welded steel sheets. On the model the keel and frames are made from plywood and for the planking I have used 9 mm wide and 2 mm thick pine wood strips. The Stern and bow are cut out from solid wood blocks. The decks are of styrene, as is the narrow bilge keel on each side of the hull and the strips delimiting the deck waterways. The breakwater on the foredeck is also made from styrene.

The two brass propellers are among the few things I have bought readymade.

The rudder is made of wood.

           As previously mentioned, pine wood strips have been used for the planking, but the result should look like a hull made with plane steel sheets (the rivets are too small to be represented on the model). This is not that easy due to the many joints between the strips as well as the fact that wood continues to “work”. But with a lot of patience and innumerable repeated treatments with filling, planishing, priming and painting the result looks acceptable

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