canon  canon


Danish frigate, 1943/45


On each deck there is a great number of ventilation valves of different sizes which on the model are turned in brass.

           The ladders, including the accommodation ladders, are all photoetched in a flat shape. Then they are folded, bent and soldered to final shape

          The four big air vents from the engine room are made from brass and styrene. The ventilation from the boiler room, placed aft on the starboard side of the deck house, is of styrene.

The capstan, winches and all bollards are turned in brass. The open fairleads are made from styrene and the bigger closed ones fore and aft, in brass.

Strong bollards, known as “bean bollards” (shaped like a squashed H), were fitted on each side, a little fore of the boats, to hold the ship in place during refuelling at sea. They are made from styrene.

Sceptres are bought readymade and brass wire passed through their eyes after they have been fixed in the decks.

The mast has been made from brass tubes and wires of different thicknesses. All elements fixed on the mast are in brass.

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