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Model Ships

Le Fleuron 1729, L'Amarante 1747, NIELS EBBESEN 1943/1945 and FLORA 1955


Below some few links to web sites I find interesting, both in respect of general information about certain periods in ship construction but also with regard to scale models. However, there are many more sites not mentioned here that deserve a visit.

Marine et Modélisme d'Arsenal Forum for model makers of historic ships (Gérard Delacroix)
Editions ANCRE Books, documentation and information
Fleuron Atelier Some construction phases of Le Fleuron (Jacques Maillière)
Association des Amis du Musée National de la Marine Association of the friends of the National Navy Museum, France
Musée National de la Marine National Navy Museum, France
Krigsmuseet Royal Danish War Museum
Orlogsmuseets Modelbyggerlaug Royal Danish Navy Museum's Association of model makers
Fregatten JYLLAND The Danish Frigate "Jylland" (Aebeltoft, Denmark)
Vikingeskibsmuseet The Viking Ship Museum (Roskilde, Denmark)
Maritime Venner Homepage for crew members on the Danish frigates Niels Ebbesen and Thetis

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