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Danish corvette, 1955


I started building my model of the corvette FLORA, which will be built at scale 1:50, in April 2017. It is my first model of a "modern" warship (my previous models, which are of "historic" ships, can also be seen on this website) and most of the techniques are therefore new to me. I will proceed by the method of trial and error and there will undoubtedly be a lot for the scrap heap before the model is finished. In addition to what I can find in books and on the web, I hope for advice from the talented people in Royal Danish Naval Museum's Guild of Model Makers (of which I am a member). The Guild has kindly made available the original drawings of the TRITON-class as well as some special drawings that they themselves have developed. Furthermore, I will also use available photos, some of which I took myself during the three years I served on FLORA (1963-66).

I will as far as possible produce most elements myself, which will ensure that they will be as authentic as possible and in the correct scale ratio.

I intend to use the available and suitable wood, and possibly polystyrene, for hull, frames and decks and most of the superstructure. For everything to be turned, I will use brass, which probably also will be used for many fittings. It may also be an option to use epoxy molding or other manufacturing methods found suitable as I go along.

Where appropriate, I'll include some photographs in the picture galleries. The photographs are mostly from my own archives.

This page, as well as the picture galleries, will be updated as the work progresses.


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