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Danish frigate, 1943/45


   In the early days the River/Holger Danske class frigates carried up to eight boats: motorboats, whalers and cutters

In addition to the task of transporting personnel and small amounts of goods, the boats also served as lifeboats. Additional life-saving equipment consisted of Carley floats and flotanets (large cork floats). Under Danish flag the floats and nets were later replaced by sixteen (16) inflatable life rafts in canvas sacks (the sacks were on later ships replaced by containers).

          The number of boats were also reduced from eight to four. The original Royal Navy 25 ft. motorboat, with a deckhouse, a smaller 7 m. motorboat and two 6.5 m. standard Danish Navy lifeboats.

          All the boats with the exception of the small motorboat were clinker built. The frames and planks of the clinker boat have been built around a carved wooden mould that was waxed so that the boat would later slide off easily. Then the inboard and outboard details have been added

The 7-meter motorboat, which I think was of fibreglass, has been carved from a solid block of wood and then added the various details.

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