canon  canon


Danish corvette, 1955


 The superstructure of FLORA was mainly made by light-alloy metal.

 Most of the elements that make up the model’s superstructure are made with balsa wood faced with styrene. This combination has the advantage that it is light weight and fairly easy to work.

 As seen in the photo gallery, the elements of the superstructure, often an entire deck, are fabricated and more or less finished separately. I find it easier to work with details and apply painting on small units than when it’s all assembled.

 The portholes are made from short brass tubes where half the circumference of the visible end has been slightly filed down to make an eyebrow/rigol for diverting the water away. A plexiglass tube has been inserted to imitate the glass.

 Hatches, hinges and wing nuts are made from styrene and as are the numerous lockers on the various decks. Most of them have a core of wood.

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