canon  canon


Danish corvette, 1955

Fittings and Details

 On each deck there is a great number of ventilation valves which on the model are turned in brass. The small hand wheels on the top of the valves are photoetched.

 The ladders, including the accommodation ladder, are all photoetched in a flat shape. Then they are folded, bend and soldered to final shape.

 Doors, deck plates and ventilation grates are also photoetched. Where the doors have an overlay, this is etched separately and then added to the door afterwards. Hand wheels on the doors are photoetched as well.

 The capstan, winches and all bollards are turned in brass. The open hawses are made from styrene and the bigger closed ones fore and after, in brass.

 Sceptres are bought readymade and brass wire passed through their eyes after they have been fixed in the decks.

 The mast has been made from brass tubes of different thicknesses. All elements fixed on the mast are in brass.

 For the large early warning radar, I have used brass, styrene and fine-meshed brass wire. The radar and its lattice are shaped over wooden moulds.

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