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Danish corvette, 1955


 When I sailed on FLORA the armament consisted of two 76 mm M/60 LvSa guns, one fore and one aft (I was an artillery technician and anti-ship gunner on the aft gun). A single 40 mm M/48 LvSa Bofors gun was placed aft on the boat deck. LvSa means that they could be used as both ant-aircraft and anti-ship guns.

 Anti-submarine weapons on the quarterdeck included a rack where the depth-charges were rolled off the stern, four dept-charge throwers (k-guns) with smaller racks for extra charges. On each side fore on the boat deck there was a hedgehog dept-charge launcher that would throw the 24 charges in a pattern forward of the beam.

 The dept-charge racks and the K-guns are made from brass. The charges are turned in styrene.

 In making the guns and the gun fire director systems I have to a large extent mixed the use of brass and styrene and likewise with the hedgehog throwers and bombs.

 The 76 mm gun shields are made from styrene.

 The bottom plates for the hedgehog bombs are photoetched to ensure that the 24 holes are precisely situated.

 Since much of the weaponry was standard in several Western countries, it was fairly easy to find descriptions, drawings and photos on the internet.

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