French 12-gun corvette, 1747


Even on a model at the scale 1:36 there are several hundred meters of ropes. Depending on the function of the rope, dozens of different dimensions are required, In addition, some ropes are right-handed laid and others left-handed laid and standing rigging is darker (due to tarring) than the running rigging. It is not possible to commercially acquire such variety and therefore you  have to lay the ropes and dye them yourself. The process of rope laying, even at a reduced scale, is the same as it has been for centuries.

Most dimentions are obtained by laying three threads. However, for cables 9 and even up 27 threads are used.

Many of the ropes, especially of the standing rigging, are fully or partly served with a thin thread with the purpose of protecting the rope when fretting masts, yards or sails.

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