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Le Fleuron

French 64-gun frigate, 1729

Construction Details

This page shows a mixture of photos of some of the details from Le Fleuron and a few tools and some work processes.

 Some of the details shown are masts, halyard knightheads, bread oven, kitchen, sheepfold, guns, whipstaff (Le Fleuron did not have steering wheel), gratings, poop lantern, belaying pin, anchors, blocks and parral.

 Among the tools are filed saw blades used for profiling the many different mouldings, a jig for drilling deadeyes and the process of making gun barrels.

 The original armament of Le Fleuron included 12 founded bronze guns on the lower deck. My model shows six of these (starboard side) and there is a photo of the two moulds used for casting the guns. Apart from the bronze guns the other guns were made from iron and my model shows six 18-pounders on the lower deck, fourteen 12-pounders on the main deck and five 6-pounders on the forecastle and quaterdeck. The iron guns on the model are turned in brass and blackened with a chemical substance. Each gun carriage is made from 10 pieces of wood and 25 metal parts.

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